"The greatest journey, begins with a single step." Lao Tzu


Children are the most precious creation in the world, it is everyone's duty to protect them, nourish them, and guide them. My entire life has been dedicated to create the perfect environment for the intellectual athlete and to promote confidence, awareness, and positiveness.

Min's Academy of Gymnastics and Multiple Arts (MAGMA) is designed with a passion and philosophy to provide an athletic environment for your girls and boys to improve their mind, body, and soul through the enrichment of gymnastics, martial arts, dance, and other physical activities. The benefits of gymnastics and martial arts improves all areas of physical wellness, coordination, strength, flexibility, speed, stamina, power as well as improves the mind's ability to analyze, comprehend, memorize, and process quicker than non-athletic children. All classes are taught with a nurturing, positive attitude toward building skills and preventing any degrading, bullying, or forcing techniques. 

John Min has set upon his entire life to make a change in the sport of gymnastics and martial arts. For over 40 years, he has followed gymnastics and martial arts as a student, spectator, instructor, and now owner. My philosophy is much different than the standard and the creation of MAGMA has been a decades long dream. Come explore and join in the dream revolution.

All students must take a mandatory safety and awareness class called SPOT (Safety Preparation Observation Techniques) during the YEAR and at least one FANTASTIC 4 (Fun, Fit, Fast, Flexible) class during the semester as a prerequisite. THERE IS NO FEE. If room permits you may take additional FANTASTIC 4 at no charge. My philosophy is don't fail to prepare, or you prepare to fail, therefore, I offer free safety and fitness classes to all my students to improve and maintain their progression at MAGMA. Advance team students must also participate in special electives, a minimum of one course per semester.


1972 Fell in love with gymnastics watching the Olympic Games at Munich, Olga Korbut, Mitsuo Tsukahra, Ludmilla Touriscehva, and more.

1976 Montreal Olympics and Nadia Comaneci's perfect 10 cemented my love for gymnastics, started tumbling in yard.

1979 Started martial arts training at Hwang's Academy in Middlesex, NJ

1983 Black Belts received in Kung-fu and Hapkido

1984 Started my first MAGMA school (marital arts only)

1985 Started gymnastics and cheerleading at Central Jersey Gymnastics, Middlesex, joined Varsity Basketball Cheering MHS

1987 Started Gymnastics Coaches Course at Feigley's Gymnastics in South Plainfield, NJ

1987 John Min accepted into the Management & Technology program at the University of Pennsylvania and Wharton School of Business

1988 Founder of University of Pennsylvania Martial Arts Club, Bronze Medalist at Ivy League Championships.

1997 Left business management position to take on full coaching duties permanently in gymnastics and martial arts.

1997-1999 Feigley's School of Gymnastics

2000-2001 Rutgers University Gymnastics

2001-2013 Parkettes National Training Center, Pennsylvania State Board Member, USAG Judge Certification, State Clinician

2005 MAGMA Martial Arts opens at Parkettes Facility

2013 United States Elite Coaches Association, Video and Information Chairman (USECA)

2013-2018 Paramount Gymnastics, started TOPS/HOPES

2016-2018 Pursued Masters in History at Harvard University

2018 Ambassador Coach of Gymnastics Education for Tumbl Trak

2018 Rettigs' Gymnastics Center Optional/Development Coach