Join once a week, twice a week or even three times a week in our active tumbling, trampoline, and training program designed for cheerleaders, floor specialists, and acro-tumblers. Discount for multiple days offered, free makeups for missed classes.

Wed 7:45-9, Thursday 7:45-9pm, Saturday 11:45am-1pm, One on One Private Sessions available. SUMMER Wed 5-6:15pm Coach Brian, Mack, Chris on staff

Olympus Team: Elite Program Invitation

Coming soon, program designed for athletes seriously considering elite/collegiate/high level gymnastics development from an early age with a focus toward National and International competition. Athletes based on their age, ability, attitude, and acumen will be tested and invited for a trial with option to train team. This program commits a minimum of 20+ hours a week and includes travel clinics, camps, and meets.

Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri 2:30-7pm (includes dance once a week), Sat 8-12:15pm, Special weekend clinics and camps

Sparta Team: USAG Optional


Ancient Spartans were known for their complete commitment and discipline to training, honor, and competition. For those children who never want to leave the gym and desire immersion in the highest challenge possible, we offer Magma Sparta.

Sparta is a regular program with the student ability to leave school early a few times a week for athletic training. A higher coach ratio, access to the entire gym is available, flexible times and days, travel competitions, and educational enrichment.

SPARTA: Monday, Tues, Wed, Thursday 3pm-7pm, Fri 2:30-7pm, Sat 8am-12pm, we also offer 5-9pm options. (Students may choose 5 or 4 days a week)

SUMMER Mon, Tues, Wed 1-6pm, Thurs 9-2pm, Fri 9-2pm (not all Fridays)

Both programs include bonus weekend clinics, workouts, lectures, outings, often with special visiting coaches. (Fees apply with outside coaches) 

Following the guidelines of the USA Gymnastics competitive structure for development at all levels toward competition in the state, regional, national, and international arena toward elite development. 

Athens Team: Optional & Compulsory


Athenian culture, wisdom, and education was admired throughout the western world. A popular choice with the most flexibility as students may later enter into Sparta or Argonauts programs. Athens offers the perfect balance between competitive USAG gymnastics and time to participate in academics and other activities. The flexible nature of the program offers 16 hour programs for the athlete based on level and commitment. We highly recommend higher hours at a younger age to promote basic progressions and to master fundamental skills for those desiring optional competition. Then in high school, students benefit from strong preparations with the ability to miss hours when academic or activity conflicts are presented. Special clinics and outings included at a group discount rate. Makeups are allowed with permission.

ATHENS: Monday thru Friday 3pm-7pm, Sat 9am-1pm, we offer a 5-9pm option from Monday thru Thursday. (Students choose up to 4 days combination and may makeup in Sparta or Argos)

SUMMER Mon, Tues, Wed 9am-1pm, Thurs 2pm-6pm

Argos Team: All Ages and Levels


Numerous programs designed to best fit your child's commitment to athletic and academic balance. Like the ancient Argonauts who explored and traveled, this is a travel team with the option to attend NJ state meets and out-of-state competitions. Hours are completely flexible and the necessary prerequisites offer competitive levels for all ages and abilities. The staff that coaches our elite/USAG are the exact same. Once a year, we will attend an optional flight meet. Hours are 12 per week, makeups with permission. 

ARGOS: Monday thru Thursday 5pm-9pm, Sat 9am-1pm. SUMMER Mon-Wed 9am-1pm

(Students may choose any 3 day option, but only 5 days may attend Monday)

Rhodes Team: Non-competition program

Gymnastics for ALL AGES, Competition is optional, or train for enjoyment

Compete or don't compete, your choice, but train in a team atmosphere with experienced coaches. Athletes with busy schedules will enjoy the flexible hours and the ability to train while competing for their high school teams. Students may train at our facility and compete elsewhere at their high school, college, or gym. We are here to service and provide the best training benefits to all people, need to leave early, come late, or miss a practice, never a problem. All Rhodes members are welcome to compete at the MAGMA Asian New Year Invitational at no cost.

RHODES: Monday thru Thursday 5pm-9pm, Sat 9-1pm, SUMMER Mon-Wed 9am-1pm

(Students may choose any 1/2/3 days combination, may makeup in Argos only)

Renaissance Magma Advance Classes, Pre-Team & Tumblers

A highly specialized, acute attention, SPQR development program for novice to intermediate athletes under 10 years of age taught by our experienced, expert coaches.

Tues and Thurs 5pm start, choose one hour, two hour or three hour option

Renaissance: starting at $120 per month for two days a week 1 hour or one day a week 2 hours 



TOPs (Talent Opportunity Program), is a talent search and educational program for female gymnasts ages 7-10 and their coaches. During the months of June and July gymnasts age 7-10 are evaluated on physical abilities at the state or regional level. These dates are set by your State TOP manager in conjunction with the National TOP Manager.

From there, athletes are invited to participate in the National TOP test that is conducted in the month of October where they will be evaluated on the same physical abilities tests along with some basic gymnastics skills. Athletes are then invited to participate in the National TOP Training camp which takes place in December of each year.



An excellent opportunity to delve into the elite compulsory and optional world while maintaining your regular status in USAG Junior Olympics.  


AGES 12-18+

The Elite Program is designed to provide competitive experiences for athletes aspiring to the National Team or the Pre-Elite Training Squad. The National Teams (Senior and Junior) are selected from the USA Championships each year. These athletes represent the United States in international competitions. The Pre-Elite Training Squad is selected from the Challenge Meets each year.

The National Team Size can be up to 28 athletes. To address our country’s needs and mirror the quad age requirements, the junior and senior team sizes will change each year. The Support Programs for the National Team Members will be included in the National Team Handbook and will be presented each year at the National Team Meeting after Championships.

To ensure that support funds are awarded to those athletes who are representing our country at the highest-level meets:

  • The Senior funding slots will be determined after the final selection of the World or Olympic Team and then the remaining slots be awarded by the rank order at USA Championships.

  • The Junior funding slots will be determined from the rank order established at USA Championships.

Regional and National Elite clinics, training camps and competitions are conducted throughout the year to provide educational opportunities and the highest level of technique development to both athletes and coaches working within the Elite Program. Coaches who have an athlete that they believe is ready for the international Elite level competition may submit a DVD or a VHS video tape to the National Team Coordinator and request admission to a Developmental, Open, Pre-Elite, or a National Team Training Camp. If accepted, all costs associated with their attendance at camp are the responsibility of the gymnast and coach.

The Talent Opportunity Program (TOP) is under the direction of the National Pre-Elite Committee, with assistance from the National Coaching staff and the National Team Coordinator. This program provides early screening and identification of talented athletes. The TOP program offers State and National testing along with clinic opportunities and educational materials for its participants.

Pre-Elite, Hopes and TOP program athletes are NOT classified as "Elite" athletes.

Each year after the National Championships, Coaches' Representatives are elected by their peers to the International Elite Committee (IEC) which works closely with the National Team Coordinator to develop a strong training program for elite athletes.

Each Region has an elected representative to the National Pre-Elite Committee (NPEC) who is responsible for the development and the growth of the Pre-Elite program. The Women’s Program Director, in conjunction with the Regional Pre-Elite Chairman, appoints a TOP State Manager for the development and growth of the Talent Opportunity Program within their state. For those clubs entering the Elite/Pre-Elite Program for the first time, it is advised that they contact their National Pre-Elite Committee Chairman for the most current and accurate information.


The Junior Olympic program was developed with the belief that all athletes, regardless of their potential, must have a solid foundation of basic skills in order to advance safely. The program allows the gymnast to advance at her own pace, competing in more than one level in a year, if she so chooses.

In order to compete in a sanctioned competition, an athlete must be a registered USA Gymnastics Athlete Member or Introductory Athlete Member (Levels 1-2 & Xcel).

A gymnast may compete in a maximum of two (2) State meets per competitive year (one per season), either at the same or higher Level.

The Women's Junior Olympic Program is divided into three major segments; developmental, compulsory, and optional.

  1. The Developmental Levels 1 through 3 may be used as a non-competitive and achievement-oriented program for use within a gym's pre-team program, or they may be used as an introductory/recreational competitive program. States may offer State Championships for these levels.

    1. In-gym or inter-club testing.

    2. Equipment should accommodate the size of the gymnasts.

    3. Gymnasts must enter at Level 1, but may progress through the events and skills at different levels.

    4. Athletes may not skip any level (exception…Level 6 may be skipped, see below). They must advance one level at a time by scoring the minimum mobility score at any USA Gymnastics sanctioned competition (Exception: Levels 1-3 do not have a mobility score)

    5. A gymnast may not advance to Level 4 until she has completed the requirements as listed in the Entry & Mobility chart.

    6. Levels 1-2: Some states have an organized Level 1-2 competitive program with sanctioned events.

      • Contact your State Administrative Committee Chairman for information on scheduling, judging criteria, etc.

  2. The second part consists of Compulsory Levels 4 and 5. Both of these levels are progressive in nature, building upon the skills required at the previous level. Competitive opportunities are provided up to and including the USA Gymnastics State Championships.

  3. The third segment is the Optional Levels 6-10. Levels 6, 7, 8, and 9 have difficulty restrictions, while Level 10 has no restrictions in the skill choice. Composition is evaluated at Levels 8, 9, and 10. Refer to the Jr. Olympic Code of Points for a complete explanation of Level 6-10 rules.

    1. Level 6 & 7 has competitive opportunities up to and including State Championships.

    2. Additional competitive opportunities are provided for Levels 8-10, with the Level 10 competitive season culminating at the Jr. Olympic National Championships, Level 9 at the Eastern or Western Championships and Level 8 at the Regional Championships.

A non-competitive educational Jr. Olympic Dance Workout Program (Workouts 1-5) is also available to provide proper dance training for gymnastics. The text, DVDs and CDs can be ordered through the Merchandise Provider or from the USA Gymnastics online store at

Junior Olympic competitions are conducted throughout the United States and are organized by the USA Gymnastics State and Regional Administrative Committees. Each state has the jurisdiction to determine its state calendar, according to the needs of its members. A Jr. Olympic COMPETITIVE YEAR is defined as the period from August 1 through July 31. A COMPETITIVE SEASON is defined as that period from the first designated qualifying competition through the culminating Championships at each level.







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