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Why participate in artistic sports? Very few sports in the world offer the complete package that gymnastics and martial arts offer children and adult. Both are rich in tradition, thousands of years old, practiced worldwide, and Olympic sports. Children of all ages develop strength, flexibility, speed, stamina while learning how to adapt their bodies in exciting routines that involve spinning, jumping, twisting, flipping, and much more.



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Western and Eastern Philosophy! SPQR motto: SAFE, PROGRESSIVE, QUALITY, RESPECT. Any gym can buy elite equipment and hire a body, but MAGMA has one major difference than most other gyms...owner/coach John Min and his beloved staff of talented, experienced, and motivated coaches. Dedicating his entire life to education, coaching, and learning, check the credentials, experiences, and testimonies of John Min, Magma is a totally new gymnastics system. "We do not coach levels or scores, we coach the child!" A lifelong coach and student, John Min believes instructors must constantly re-educate themselves, attend conferences, speak with peers, evaluate methods, and participate in structured lessons themselves. Owner/Coach John has attended 5 different universities, studied formal lessons in dozens of sports and activities, while traveling the world and studying under masters and PhDs.  

John Min has invented a unique training system that allows individuals to choose the amount of commitment and hours regardless of the level or program to avoid injury, mental fatigue, physical burnout, spiritual decline, and any other issues which compromise the athlete. His method eliminates fear/doubt through his own SPQR techniques (Safety, Progression, Quality, and Respect) and focuses more on root skills, physical and mental preparation, and individualized progressions.

Don't trust your children to just anyone, anywhere, anytime, seek the finest, proudest, wisest, and highest level of coaching for the safety, development, welfare, and benefit of your children. Give him a call and chat five minutes about his philosophy of empowerment and encouragement to become a believer. He will gladly give you advice on anything and even gladly recommend other programs.


MAGMA is a national training center for coaches and athletes.



Flexible schedules, cross training, free makeups, outings, benefits, you choose hours and days!


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