*All Coaches Must Have Extensive Experience, Certifications, Recommendations, Interviews, and Trial Period at Magma

Owner/Head Coach: John Dae Min

Team Coaches: Makenzey Shank, Kassidy Stauder, Chris Austra, James Teichman, Brian Sateriale, Padrick Zulueta

Doctor of Physical Therapy: Eugene Ketselman (consultant)

Nutritionist/Cross Training/Pilates/Yoga/Dance/Conditioning/MA Instructors: Dance Jacqueline Lorenzi

Guest Coaches and Clinicians: Wait Until You See Who's Coming to Dinner?

Guest Olivia Gill, Owner/Head Coach Beaches Gymnastics, FL visiting June

Guest Lynnann Perry, PA visiting July/August

Guest Beth Stracka, PA visiting July

Guest Carly Bernstein, Team Coach Infiniti Elite Gymnastic, NY visiting August