Open Gym/Movie Night

What better way to spend the night and weekends, enjoying two hours of fun gymnastics, then staying for the optional movie night and pizza/pasta/taco/sub/sushi party. During holidays special themes, treats, prizes, and magical guests may visit! BYOB


Gymnastics Boot Camps

Sometimes you need to push the envelop and change the way you practice, like a pop quiz or a standardized tests. Throughout the year, MAGMA Boot Camps will challenge and put the pace on a higher level. Summer is a critical time for training and preparation before the season starts, we will switch to boot camp mode during the summer months of July and August. BOOT CAMPS FOR TEAM AND CLASSES


Family Constellations & Qi Healing


Magma also offers sessions with Cat Gelinas who is a Family Constellations Practitioner and Energy Healer.   Healing sessions clear emotional blocks, fears, or anxieties that get in the way of performance.  She works with releasing blocks found in the subconscious and emotional body.  She also works with the energetic field aka Qi to release fears, stress, and any other interferences to accessing "flow" or the peak performance state.  Within one to a few sessions, previous blocks will dissipate completely and allow students to access their full potential.  Sessions are done via Skype or Zoom and are1 hour.  Use the discount code MAGMAGYM1 for a 30% discount on sessions.

Email for a complimentary consultation:



Clinics & Guest Coaches

Every week or two, special clinics for crucial gymnastics skills are offered by the senior staff or visiting coaches to students in all the team programs. This is included in the Sparta tuition, a small fee for Athens, Argonauts, Rhodes, and visiting gymnasts. Clinic lengths, dates, schedule, and prices will vary. Please check our clinic calendar.

Outings, Events, Trips

The world is a large, magnificent place, after traveling four continents and 20+ countries, I still need to see more. MAGMA will offer numerous special events, trips, and outings for students at group discounts and minimal costs. From International, National, and collegiate gymnastics events, circus performances, challenge courses on ropes, rock walls, water parks, amusement parks, historical hikes, athletic and academic activities to enrich the mind, body, and soul while bonding as a team.



MAGMA Lecture Series for Coaches

In an effort to promote the safety and technique of gymnastics, MAGMA in conjunction with USAG, USECA, TUMBL TRAK and many others will provide lectures and clinics open to all professional and training coaches for educational and development purposes. The better trained, better motivated, and better prepared coach infused with the latest and greatest techniques and mantra from a variety of experienced mentors, then the entire sport benefits and provides the highest level of teaching methods to all students. Please check back for announcements and list of guests, some lectures may include athlete clinics. Prices and schedules may vary based on the clinicians fees and availability.